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Documenting EVERY solar array in Harrisonburg 

Generating energy from the sun for your home, business, or organization? Click the button below to help us document every solar project in Harrisonburg.

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See our progress! 

Click on the map to explore the clean energy generation happening right here in the Friendly city. Have solar on your roof but not on the map? Fill out our census form today so we can count your array!

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Photo by Macson McGuigan of EMU '18 student-driven solar install 

Photo by Macson McGuigan of EMU '18 student-driven solar install 

No Panel Left Uncounted 

Our effort is to count EVERY solar array within Harrisonburg city limits. Our first major push was around Earth Day 2019, which included a Volunteer Day and lots of outreach. We are still accepting forms as people hear about the project or have just recently gone solar! 

From residential arrays to commercial scale installations, solar is providing local, clean energy in the Burg. By interviewing solar owners and documenting their projects, we are telling the story of solar energy in our Friendly City. 

Photo by Macson McGuigan of EMU '18 student-driven solar install 

Over 130 Harrisonburg homes and businesses have installed solar since 2010*  

Video: Time lapse of one section of the Eastern Mennonite University "Solar Barn Raising" Event, September 22, 2018. Students and volunteers, with direction from local solar leaders, installed 186 panels on two university buildings. The panels produce 65.2KW of power, adding to EMU's existing 104.3KW of solar production from its Library array installed in 2010. 
*According to an interview with HEC Manager O'Dell in a 2018 Daily News Record article and an updated conversation with the website author 

Generating solar in Harrisonburg? Fill out our form!

Photo by Macson McGuigan of EMU '18 student-driven solar install